Flat Tyre

Flat Tyre

There is nothing worse then a flat tyre! Not for us, we will get you back up and running before you know it even if its 3am on a sunday moring, we will never leave you stranded. We use high quality patch plugs unlike others who use cheap patches ours will keep that hole plugged up with no air loss.

Premium, Budget and Part Worns

We supply all premium, budget and part worn tyres from standard tyres to run flats and even to big offroad BFGoodrich's and 7.5T tyres. We supply part worn tyres as we understand tyres are expensive so if you need a quick fix for a perished tyre look no further fit a part worn for now, our part worns are 100% safe and 100% legal.

Tyre Fitting

Tyre Fitting

When it comes to fitting your tyres we have the latest automatic tyre machines with helper arms which means run flats and low profile tyres are a brease to fit and also we have rim protectors on so no need to worry about your rims being marked or scratched as there is nothing worse when all you need is a tyre change or a puncture repair. Also we will always put bead sealer on the tyres we have fitted to insure there is no air loss fron the bead and fit new valve cores.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing is an absolute necessity when changing tyres, if a wheel is not balanced correctly then you will get vibration while driving and also uneven tyre wear. We will always balance any wheels we fit tyres to and can also offer to balance all four if you feel they need done. We will also fit black weights to black alloys just so they are nice and hidden compared to the normal silver weights.

Wheel Balance
Fitting Wheel

Fitting Your Wheels

When the tyres are done and it comes to fitting your wheels back on to your vehicle we will always set the tyre pressure to the correct vehicle specification and all of your wheel nuts will be torqued up to the correct manufacturer specification.

Trailer Tyres


Fed up with always having to pay for wheels and tyres for your trailers? Why purchase something you dont have to? This is why we are choosing to offer JUST tyres for your trailer.

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