Do I Need Tyres?

Do I really need new tyres? This is the big question as nobody wants to spend money when they dont have to so see below examples of why you would need to look at purchasing new tyres.

Where Are My Tyre Sizes?

Before we go on to the examples we would just like to point out where the sizes of your tyres are and what they mean.

Tyre Tread Too Low

This is the most common reason to changing tyres out for new. Low tread is caused by general driving and is something that happens over use of the tyre.

The legal limit is 1.6mm we can meassure this using a tyre depth guage or you can meassure it at home easily by looking/feeling for the notch inbetween your tread (tyre wear marker), if this is flush you should think about getting new tyres very soon or geting tyre tread measured as it will be a danger to yourself and others around you whilst driving the car and also a hefty fine and 3 points per tyre!

Tyre Cord or ply exposed.

Any tyre with cord or ply exposed or even a cut that is down to the cord/ply is ILLIGAL and must be changed immediately.

Over Or Under Inflation

Over or under tyre inflation is fairly common as to the need of changing the tyre because of uneven wear.

Perished Or Damaged Tyres

A tyre is perished or damaged by hitting curbs, over inflating, hitting a pot hole etc. We can see examples of this (pictured).

Tyre Bulge/Lump:

If the tyre has any lump or bulge caused by separation or partial failure of its structure, it is good practice when assessing the damage to remove the tyre and inspect it both internally and externally.

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